My Guarantee To You

As a charter Captain my job is to catch a few fish even on the days that the fish don’t want to be caught. A few times every season we have a trip where we don’t catch any fish. I still work very hard and the boat still uses the same amount of gas whether we are catching fish or not. If you happen to book a trip on one of those rare occasions, I will give it my all. If we don’t catch any fish on your trip, I will try to make it up to you on your next trip. I will extend your next trip at no additional cost. The next time we fish you will get a full day of fishing for a half day’s price.

I always try my best to show my anglers a good time, but sometimes the weather is not our friend or the fishing is not what you expected. If this happens on your trip and your not having a good time. let me know that you want to quit and we will return to the dock and I will gladly refund the amount of time that is left on your trip.