The Lake Ontario trout and salmon are stocked for fisherman to catch and harvest. The NY State DEC stocked around 2,879,000 trout and salmon in 2012. If you wish to keep the fish that you catch I am OK with that and if you prefer to release your fish I am alright with that also. But I have come to the conclusion that if you have to put the fish in your hand to remove the hook from it you cannot release them unharmed.

It has been my experience that they will not survive when you have to hold them in your hand to get them unhooked. If I can get the fish out of the net by holding on to the spoon or plug and give the hook a quick twist with my pliers with out putting the fish in my hand they will swim away to fight another day. So my policy is, if I can release them properly we do so but if I feel that they are not going to survive then we keep them and when we have the customers limit of fish we will quit for the day.